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We are involved in tourism for almost 32 years. Since June 2002, so the last 18 years, we are running our travel agency and tour operator COMETA TRAVEL. For this same time, we also are the official representatives of the Yacht Angelito I. in Galapagos.

AGENCIA DE VIAJES COMETA TRAVEL Cia. Ltda. is a legal travel agency and tour operator in Ecuador, based in Quito, registered at the Ministry of Tourism and affiliated to regional tourism chamber CAPTUR and the national association of tour operators OPTUR.

COMETA TRAVEL is well known for doing a conscientious job as representatives of the Yacht Angelito I., as well as for the careful planning and organization of travel packages. We take serious responsibility for the selection and monitoring of our service providers, always keeping high standards of quality, honesty, and ethics. Our guides are well prepared and legally approved, and will show you Ecuador with knowledge, professionalism, and enthusiasm.



President of Cometa Travel and Naturalist Guide Galapagos

Maja from Thun/Switzerland has been a crew member of the Yacht Angelito the last 30 years. She works the half of the year in the office in Quito and the other as one of the Angelito’s naturalist guides; this is a very good mix of knowledge to manage a realistic and grounded liaison of marketing and selling of the cruises and the operation of the Yacht Angelito!
She lives in Ecuador for almost 30 years, so since some years ago she also received the Ecuadorian nationality.

After tour leading many years, since 1992 she is an approved naturalist guide level III of the National Park Galapagos and, without any doubt, she is our maximum-knowledgeable-Galapagos-specialist and she probably knows many of the peculiar details and histories of the islands and of any of our visitor sites with its special flora and fauna better than anybody else.

Maja’s heart belongs to the Galapagos Islands and even after more than 30 years and hundreds of passengers, she never lost her engagement and passion and always captivates the guests of the Yacht Angelito with her enthusiasm!

General Manager, Tour Design & Tour Operation

Bruna is Italian but born and raised in Berne/Switzerland. Living in Ecuador since 1988, she also gets the Ecuadorian nationality some years ago.
For many years she accompanied travel groups, but today she is the head of the agency: as General Manager of Cometa Travel, she is in charge of all the administration of our office, but fortunately not only the managing of any business detail fills her days: she also is in charge of the ticket purchasing, reservations of hotels, lodges, transfers, and guides, etc. and of the complete operation of individual and group packages.

Bruna's big passion are the tailormade tours! As Ecuador expert, she designs the itineraries, and then she plans and organizes any detail of our Mainland tours and programs. She will be able to inspire you to discover Ecuador!


Veronica and Victor are both Ecuadorian and longtime employees of the office in Quito. They both work fulltime and help with the “1001” other things to do in the office.




Veronica assists the bookkeeping, records reservations, and their correct payments; she takes care of the registrations for the protected areas, fills the weekly passenger list and prepares the envelopes with travel documents for all Angelito's passengers. She also helps to answer the phone calls, prepares the best coffee for the morning break and much more.



Victor is in charge of anything to do out of the office: he picks up payments of other agencies and delivering documents, he goes to the bank and takes care of the (many many) bureaucratic steps to have licenses, permissions and anything else updated and perfectly in order.


Our newest enrichment! He is the son of Maja and Hugo, one of the owners of the Angelito, and he has passed much time on board since being a little baby!

After the gastronomy school in Quito, he recently came back from a year of studies and practices in Europe and will take care of some future changes and updates on board, especially in the kitchen of the Angelito, and in the office in Galapagos to make even good things better.


All our Angelito-passengers that flew out from Quito during the last years, will confirm that the cruises start well assisted from Quito’s airport on because Tony is there any Sunday very early, with the travel documents for our guests to assist them during the special procedures for Galapagos travelers and the airline check-in, all this done with the needed professionalism, patience, and its sunny character.


Our office in Quito would not be the same without these black girls! Both are adopted dogs and spend their days in the garden, watching with interest what we do, just so as if we were their favorite TV show! They give a lot of love and sometimes annoyance with their yells when the city around is noisy, the weather changes or visits come to the office.

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