General terms and conditions


What to bring:

Cash: the official currency in Ecuador is the American dollar. Dollar bills and coins (there are Ecuadorian coins valid only in the country) are accepted everywhere. However, $50 or $100 bills could be difficult to be accepted most of the times.

Credit cards are widely accepted in large cities and in most popular touristic places; a commission of 5% to 8% is often charged.

ATM machines are available in most cities and province capitals along the country. Please notice that there is a limit in the amount of cash you can take from a ATM machine. In most cases the limit is $200 per day.

Taxes: There’s a sales tax (IVA) of 12% tax and a 10% of service that will be added to your purchases or consumptions.


  • Medical Assistance and Safety

Medical assistance: in large cities, like Quito and Guayaquil, private hospitals comply with international standards.
Important suggestion: scan your passport, flight tickets and other important documents and send these copies to your E-Mail address. In case of emergency you will have good color copies of your documents!

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