Medical Assistance and Safety

Medical assistance: in large cities, like Quito and Guayaquil, private hospitals comply with international standards.

Safety: in a country where a great part of the population lives on an income below the poverty line, safety can not be guaranteed. Tourists, whose “pocket money” can be the equivalent to what the common Ecuadorian laborer makes in a week, are always a good target for thieves.
Since pick-pocketing can be common, especially in crowded places like buses or markets, carry your cash – except for few change, and your documents always close to your body, under your clothes.

It is also recommended to avoid dark and abandoned roads. As soon as it becomes dark, it is advisable to ride in a taxi, even for short distances. Make sure the taxi has its legal license and place.

For Party and Bar visitors: Always carry an ID document or the copy of your passport (with entry stamp) with you. Please, be cautious with regard to alcohol and drugs! Do not ever let your glass unattended and do not accept open drinks or treats from unknown people.

Important suggestion: scann your passport, flight tickets and other important documents and send these copies to your E-Mail address. In case of emergency you will have good color copies of your documents!